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Lincoln, NE-based Ryan Human is a man with big dreams and even bigger hooks. His memorable melodies, anthemic choruses and strong messages are primed for crowded concert hall fist pumping.

Behind is first solo EP, which kickstarted his journey, canvassing the Midwest with shows in Lincoln, Omaha, Kansas, and Wisconsin. His EP stirred up both local press and terrestrial radio play as he honed in on his now signature sound - cinematic narratives built around the lulling infrastructure of his powerful piano melodies. No amount of radio-friendly dynamics can connect with a wide audience without the proper dose of humanity, which Ryan Human has in spades.

In 2018, Ryan produced and recorded his debut single "One Way Home". Human demonstrates an innate gift for fostering deep connections with his growing fan base, pulling from the emotional landscape of his life with the intent to craft the kind of uplifting songs that positively impacted him growing up. The resulting recordings reflect his uncanny ability to deliver appealing Alt Pop that is emotionally charged and musically compelling on a universal scale, transcending the notion that a singer-songwriter from the middle of the USA is only fit to tap a heartland vein.